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Central Vacuum

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Central Vacuum

Tired of dragging around the noisy, clunky vacuum to every room in your house or business? Our central vacuum services are exactly what you need to make cleaning a breeze! With new Hide-a-Hose options our central vacuum systems are built into the walls of your home or office and can be added to a current structure.  The new advancements in central vacuums offer solutions that retract the hose in the wall and prevent 25’ of hose being hauled from outlet to outlet. The systems increase the homes resale value by becoming a key part of the home and not a simple accessory.A central vacuum system improves your indoor air quality, reduces allergies, is quieter and more powerful than your typical vacuum. The motor to the vacuum is generally located in a garage or basement. Call us today and let’s figure out the best location for your central vacuum.

Illustration by cactusmaster

April 7, 2016